Scaling a recipe

Use recipe scaling to increase or decrease all ingredient and sub dish quantities in a recipe for a specified number of servings.


You can choose to scale both the quantities and the units or the quantities only.  


For example you may wish to change an existing ingredient which serves 6 to now serve 4 - you would enter 4 in the scale field and click the scale quantities only link.  StarChef.NET will automatically recalculate the quantities required for each ingredient and sub dish so that the recipe can serve 4.  The servings value will be updated to 4 on both the Ingredients tab and Yield tab.


If you select to scale both the quantities and units then StarChef.NET will update the unit accordingly.


For example, if your recipe contains 16 ounces of basil and you decide to scale your recipe up to 3 servings the unit will be updated to pounds and the quantity to 3.  


Enter a numeric value in the Scale the recipe to this many servings box then click either the scale quantities and units link or click the scale quantities only link.


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